Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perfect For ... When Spring Ever Gets Here!

I am in dyer need of a new laptop bag. I've been carting around the same old nylon blend bag, with it's predictable, unattractive shape since the beginning of my college years. She has been reliable and served her purpose over the years, but sometimes function isn't enough. I'm a visual gal who is fond of pretty things. The bag in which I transport my laptop doesn't not escape this fondness. So it's time for something new and fresh and I think I've found her.

She hails from Fiorelli and she's perfect. It's really hard for me to not want this in black, as I'm a fan of keeping things classic so that they almost never go out of style. However, this dusty aqua is almost too good to pass up. It pops, it's unexpected and what better way to begin the Spring season than with something so soft on the eyes. Hello, my darling new child.

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