Thursday, January 27, 2011

Carine Roitfelf > Emmanuelle Alt

I don’t feel Emmanuelle Alt is the proper fit to play French Vogue’s new Editor-in-Chief. There is a certain level of finesse that is needed to be in such a position and she doesn’t carry it. While I feel she has a sharp and edgy eye, that I fully appreciate, I don’t think it’s enough to bring her through successfully. I understand there were problems with Carine Roitfeld, but to replace her with someone that is such a novice in comparison to the likes of Roitfeld and Wintour, they are asking for problems. She is without a doubt valuable in the industry, but isn’t nearly polished enough for the amount of power she is stepping into.


design traveller said...

Naivete can be a strengt :)

Chérie said...

Very true. I suppose sometimes I need to step aside from my critical nature and see the good one can bring. Unfortunately, I tend to see the flaws first. Perhaps my opinion will change as she ventures through this journey providing positive change. I just need a little more convincing. :)