Thursday, January 6, 2011

Taking The Leap, Yet Again

My boyfriend and I will be moving from our beautiful (yet noisy) loft, down the street to a more traditional, but larger (two bedrooms, two full baths, more closets, a balcony overlooking the canal, two parking spots and a fitness center...) apartment/condo. While moving is always such a pain and causes my stress levels to skyrocket, I can't help but get so excited to redesign!

The designer in me is planning away each day in hopes of creating the perfect apartment for us. I'm thinking of keeping things calm, but not boring. Monochromatic color schemes seem to suit our masculine taste in decor. While I prefer modern, simple and what seems to be a guy's take on design preference, I need a little glitz, a subtle flow of fabric that screams out a female still lives here! I'm thinking all the lines of the decor pictured below.

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heather said...

Congrats on your bigger place! Can't wait to see pics when you're all settled in!