Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just This Once..

I really cannot remember the last time I completed an online survey. In fact, I can't remember that last time I even saw one. Anyway, I'm taking a break from designing and figured what the hell, so here it goes..

Style Icons: I don't put anyone on a pedestal. I'm inspired by those with both minimalistic and daring elegance.

Go-To-Ensemble: Black leggings or a simple dress are musts. Paired with my Sterling Tiffany Bead studs and my newly cherished engagement ring.

Weekend Uniform: It all depends on the occasion.

Can Never Have Too Many: Books. This was probably referring to my personal fashion must-haves, but I like books.

Summer Destination & What You'll Pack: Miami in early July was amazing! Broke out all of the colorful ensembles and lounged ocean front with a book.

In Your Beach Bag: Chapstick (Original), 70 SPF, a book and sunglasses.

Every Day Bag & Its Contents: My bag varies depending on whatever is most comfortable to trek through the city with. Currently I am using a large gray tote from Zara with brown leather accents. Contents: Blackberry, chapstick, Zune (I'm anti Apple products) and a book.

Fall Pick: Black, nude and deep tones. No different than any other Fall for me.

Fave Meal: Coffee in the A.M. Anything fresh and healthy takes top priority. Can't resist sushi or caviar.

Three Beauty Essentials: I have testy skin so I rely on; Proactiv, Clinique Moisture Surge and Bare Minerals (or any quality mineral make-up that won't irritate my skin).

Scent: Idole d'Armani - Searching for a new scent, however. Guilty by Gucci is a strong contender.

De-Stress Regimen: Sipping wine or stretching on my canal-side balony.

Work & Life Balance: Work: Don't get emotionally involved. Life: Only get emotional when it matters.

On Your Nightstand: I'm still missing that piece of furniture in my life..

On Your iPod: I have a Zune. I listen to whatever moves me.

Fave Sites: I visit many, but none have taken the cake.

Fave Film: Much like music, this also varies depending on my mood. Let's go with my top picks from the past few years - La Vie En Rose, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris, Memoirs of a Geisha (The book is equally amazing). I also just saw the film "Another Earth". I don't know if it'll hold rank in the top spot on my list in a few years, but it's an incredible film. It's emotional impact is slow and grand. It's been a few days and I find myself touched more and more as I replay it in my mind. "Beginners" is another wonderful new film that stole my heart.

Fave Hotel: To date, Loews in Miami.

Can't Go One Day Without: Feeling grateful for all that I have.

One Week Without: Stretching.

One Month Without: A good bottle of wine with my boyfriend and/or friends.

Always Searching For: Life altering inspiration and creative projects.

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