Thursday, January 19, 2012

I need YOUR help!

Social networking is quite an amazing thing that I sometimes hate to love, as it tends renders us paralyzed sitting in front of our computer for obscene hours on end. Nevertheless, it’s an exceptional tool and I figured for the first time ever, I’d take advantage of what’s at my fingertips and instead of sharing myself like I do everyday, I’d ask a little favor of all you lovely people that follow my blog. (THANK YOU ALL by the way!)

My fiance and I are engaged to be married and are busy spending way too much money on everything for our wedding in October of this year (who set the $$ standard for these things anyway?) and realized we probably won’t be able to afford a honeymoon after it’s all said and done.

THEN, I stumbled across a little giveaway on the Jetsetter website where you can choose the location you’d like to visit and whoever receives the most votes win. I’ve never had much luck with these things but I feel like it’s always worth a shot. So if you could, please do me the biggest favor ever and VOTE for us to go to Rio De Janeiro in Brazil and stay at the Santa Teresa Hotel.

I will love you forever. :)

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