Tuesday, August 30, 2011

If I could take a year off..

I would fly off to Provence, France. I'd spend my days tending to the the most impeccable garden built with an array of floras, vegetables and fruit trees. I'd use the garden as a place of meditation with others nearby. I'd teach them to nurture their gardens through mine. I'd spend hours drawing and painting and inviting others to do so with me. I'd delve deeper into the beautiful French language, letting its lovely notes sing from my tongue. I'd spend hours reading and reading to others in the garden on Sunday afternoons, serving them tea, coffee or wine. Whatever they wish. I'd string lights through my garden and hold gatherings, cooking for everyone, encouraging them to understand those opposite of them, learning to love deeper and teach more. I would spend no time with electronic devices or the internet. Nature would be my world and I'd give back and nurture her the way we were all meant to.

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