Saturday, June 11, 2011

Susan Helsel Photography

Creativity and talent is something that runs in my family. We have it and we're not afraid to show it off. ;) My mom, Susan Helsel (remember the name), took up photography a few years ago and of all the subjects that she shoots, my favorite photos are her floral and macro images. I know what you're thinking, 'A photographer that shoots flowers, nature and still life? Oh, how cliche!'. I get it, I agree with it, but I happen to think my mother -and I'm not saying this just because I'm her daughter- is a little more talented in that genre of photography than most others. In fact, I really want to submit her photos somewhere to be used for... SOMETHING. I'm really sure how that works, but I have plenty of photographer friends under my belt, so I'm sure I'll figure it out. Anyway, I decided to post some of her colorful pieces. Enjoy!

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