Friday, June 25, 2010

Vera Icon

The world, each country, the United States, each state, each city, each county, each neighborhood is flooded with aspiring photographers. Philadelphia has it's own hub of such individuals and some aren't all that bad. However, having said that, it's important to know that I'm also a bit of a photography snob.

I am not a photographer, nor do I claim to know everything about the craft, but I do have a fantastic eye. This qualifies me to know what's great and what's shit. Philadelphia's photography scene is made of 85% shit. That's a fact.

Today I stumbled across this lass, a Miss Vera Icon. She is creative, inventive and is every bit as stunning as the photos that she takes. She is also one of the driving forces behind Female Persuasion, a virtual network and gallery for emerging female artists to showcase their work on the web. I suggest you take a gander and find a way to get yourself in front of her lens, because I know I want to be remembered in photographs like such. Bravo!


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