Sunday, May 16, 2010

Early Morning Dreamings

It was Princeton, only it didn't look like Princeton. The professors and other various individuals are roaming around inside. I sit, porch front, flanked by stone columns. My arms constricted around the smallest of animals.

As I look into the night sky, I can smell the rain, I can feel the rain, but I cannot see the rain. It pours down in invisible sheets, leaving behind droplets which hang like diamonds from the roof's edge. The water saturates me, coming from my skin, not from above.

They walk to me, this stranger, standing on the steps in front of me. I cannot differentiate the sex of this person, but I know they are there and very much alive. A hand reaches towards me and locked between their grip are dollar bills. I reach out and the sorrow builds in my chest, deep within my being, utter sadness. I weep horribly, deeply, for reasons I do not understand. The money soaked in my hand. This animal in my arms. My heart is aching. I am homeless. I am weeping.

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